Does the Shoe Fit?

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Perfectly fitting shoes are a big deal here at cBOP. Cathy Dubin, cBOP’s in-house expert children’s shoe fitter, shares why perfect fitting shoes are important for your child and how to ensure they wear a perfectly fitting shoe!

cBOP: Cathy, how long have you been fitting shoes?

Cathy: I’ve been fitting shoes on children for 35 years.

cBOP: Why should parents take time for their kids to be expertly fitted?

Cathy: A properly fitting shoe is important for walking comfortably and feeling good all day long. If a shoe doesn’t fit correctly it can cause discomfort and pain.

cBOP: What are the benefits of a good fitting?

Cathy: A good fitting allows the foot and toe to not be crowded with some room to grow. Children’s feet are constantly changing and growing. A proper fit prevents foot problems, skin damage and allows for comfortable walking, running and growing. Nothing is worse than an ill-fitting shoe!

cBOP: How often should children be re-fit?

Cathy: For New Walkers, I recommend every 3 months or more, depending on how fast their feet are growing. Toddlers are a bit different and not on the same schedule as New Walkers. For Toddlers, look at how well they are walking in their shoes. Check their toes for a little bit of room in the front of the shoe. Listen for complaints about toes feeling squished. If they start tripping a little as they walk it’s a sure sign that the shoes need to be re-sized. Toddlers often have overnight growth spurts. Sometimes they will wake up in the morning and their feet have actually grown overnight!  Having a professional shoe person, like me, check your child’s foot regularly is the best way to make sure that your child has happy feet and proper fitting shoes. I always encourage my customers to come in at any time to get a free foot check.

cBOP: What is the biggest mistake parents make when buying shoes for kids?

Cathy: Not going to someone who knows what they are doing. Someone handing you a box of shoes, without a fitting, is a prescription for foot problems and issues with walking.

cBOP: What should parents expect at a fitting?

Cathy: First I sit in front of the child, take their socks off, measure and evaluate their feet to get a proper sizing. Two feet may share a similar size but no two feet are exactly the same shape. My expertise is matching a child’s foot shape with the right brand of shoe for their particular foot.  Not every brands is right for every foot.  

I so love what I do and I take a personal interest in each and every child to make sure the shoe they buy is a good match. I keep a record of every client and their foot size and call them if I know a particular brand that they like has come in with a shoe that would work for them.

cBOP: What is your favorite thing about working with kids?

Cathy: I enjoy each and every one of their individual personalities. Children are so much fun to work with and so appreciative when they get a new pair of shoes that actually fit correctly and feel great.

Cathy Dubin is available to answer all your children shoe related questions in-store and by email. Stop in and meet Cathy, or write to her at!  Her warm, bubbly personality will make you and your children feel confident and ready to take on the playground in their new, perfectly fitting shoes!

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